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We are CoVi Analytics

CoVi Analytics is making compliance simple, reducing the cost of compliance and helping insurers make decisions faster
The Problem?

The ProblemComplicated Regulation

Due to the complexity in the regulation, UK insurers spent £3.0bn getting ready for the new insurance regulation, Solvency II. The UK insurance industry is expected to spend another £1.5bn over the next 3 years, embedding Solvency II into their businesses.

Our Mission

Our MissionMake Compliance Simple

Fragmented regulation makes it resource intensive to navigate & managing the relevant rules. The Problem is compounded by the over-engineered processes put in place to manage on-going compliance. We bring simplicity to both these areas.

Why choose Us?

What we doRegulatory Data into Insights

We unify the entire compliance value chain, simplifying and automating on-going regulatory workflows from regulatory text to on-going compliance activities, supported with A.I. technologies and superfluid visualisations.

Pages of dry legal regulatory text
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Our Team

People behind CoVi Analytics
Waleed Sarwar

Waleed Sarwar

Founder & CEO
10+ years in the insurance industry with time spent at Prudential, AIG, Aviva, L&G and the UK insurance regulator (Bank of England - PRA).
Riccardo De Leo

Riccardo De Leo

8+ years as a backend engineer with experience in another very regulated industry - Electricity & Gas - with passion for security and scalability.


We have two main products helping make compliance simple ... with lots more in our lab


We are fundamentally simplifying how people navigate and manage complex regulation with cmile. Register today to see how.


We are automating the manual and repetitive tasks by re-using the regulatory reports with CORE. Get in touch to find out more.

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